Steak and Fish Seasoning 22.5 oz

Steak and Fish seasoning is a unique blend of pepper and other seasonings to create that flavored crusted top on your steak or fish.


Steak and Fish is a unique blend of pepper and seasonings that was created by request to have something similar to Montreal Steak or Chicago Steak seasonings. So with our quality and knowledge of how to blend spices, we created a seasoning that surpasses all. It is not only great on steak and fish, it is great on oven roasted vegetables, sprinkle on top squash before baking, with a little brown sugar and butter. For the best sweet potato you have ever had: quarter sweet potatoes, place on baking sheet, mist with a little olive, sprinkle Steak and Fish and oven bake at 400 for 30-45 minutes until tender.

Additional information

Weight 1.78 lbs
Dimensions 2.875 × 3.375 × 8 in


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