About Alden’s
Mill House

Established in 1984

About Us

Do you find your food missing a little something special?

Well that special flavor we have! With over 33 custom blends to choose from, you will be sure to find that special mmm.. your taste buds have been longing for. Our spices can make any cook into a gourmet chef.

The Alden Mill House was started in 1984, by selling Chef Geno’s all-purpose seasoning Miracle Blend and other Pepper Mill Spices. The founder of Pepper Mill Spice Company, Eugene Moglovkin (aka Chef Geno), was a famous American Chef with European training.  He had help beginning and running the business by his wife Joy Moglovkin. Although Geno was the creator, Joy was the business backbone that made the business happen! The business is continued to be run by family: their daughter Colleen.

Over the years Chef Geno developed and perfected his own custom seasoning blends that have been used in some of America’s finest clubs and restaurants. Chef Geno won numerous awards and ribbons in culinary art shows from Michigan to Florida. The Pepper Mill and Alden Mill House products are made up of the finest ingredients that are carefully selected from around the world.

We buy only the highest quality of spices and kosher flake salt. Our kosher flake salt has no trace of iodine to alter the desired flavor. We pride ourselves by producing quality products. We grind and mix all of our spices, label our own bottles, and then fill each bottle individually.

With that being said, Welcome to the Alden Mill House, home of the Pepper Mill Spices, the House of Good Taste!

Enjoy the great taste in every meal!